Life is difficult, unpredictable, and stressful.

As the saying goes, “you have to stop and smell the roses.” In these modern times, nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is, stress can harm your body in many different ways, including causing wrinkles and premature aging.

We want you to slow down for a moment and focus on you. Together here is a list of products we offer that will help you relax and put you back on track so you can focus on what is important - regardless of what is happening around the world.

First off, we have to talk about the power of scent and why it’s important. In particular, aromatherapy and what it can do for you. Aromatherapy is a practice that has been for centuries in many countries and involves using scents as a natural remedy for a variety of ailments. Some of the common uses for aromatherapy include insomnia and stress relief.

Essential oils such as lavender are infused with all kinds of products to give users the benefit of aromatherapy.

The first product you should consider adding to your home is a soy candle.


Soy Candles

These types of candles have grown in popularity recently, and for good reason when compared to paraffin wax candles. Soy candles are made from soybean oil that has been hydrogenated. Paraffin wax is made from petroleum, which is a refined gas product.

Not only has paraffin wax been deemed harmful by the E.P.A, it also does not have the same benefits of soy. For one, unsaturated fatty acids present in the oil are saturated during the processing of making soy for candles - thereby dramatically altering the oil's melting point. This means the candles can burn longer and slower which means you’ll get more out of your candles and your money.

Another major pro for soy candles is they are biodegradable, since they are made from a natural ingredient. On the plus side of this, you only need soap and water to clean them up.

Soy candles are the obvious choice when choosing a candle, but another factor is what scent to look for. It depends on the purpose of the candle. Are you looking to relax? Lavender is the obvious choice.

However, what if you are a man who finds comfort out in the solitude of the woods? Then no other essential oils are as popular as sandalwood and musk. Bring the woods home or to the office.

In the future, we will be carrying coconut oil candles. They are essentially a soy-based candle infused with coconut oil to add a tropical scent.

Bath Bombs

Hot showers were once the go-to solution for a long day. But as you know hot water can take its toll on your skin. Fortunately, there is a solution to avoiding the damage the heat will do to your skin.

Most people think of them as adult bubble baths, but that is not the case. With the right ingredients, you can get a soothing warm bath and still protect your skin with an all-natural bath bomb.

What is a bath bomb?

Sodium bicarbonate and citric acid make the base of a bath bomb. They are natural ingredients that when combined fizz and dissipate when put in water. This is what gives bath bombs their signature look in the water. What people do no not know is, both these ingredients are beneficial to skin. They clean, deodorize, and repair skin, and also strengthen blood vessels. Both ingredients will give you younger and healthier looking skin.

Basic bath bombs are beneficial, but they can become more beneficial once more natural ingredients are included. Some ingredients to look for include

  • Epsom Salt
  • Olive Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Vitamin E

The final ingredient to consider is what essential oil is in your bath bomb. You can escape to a tropical paradise or a flower garden with the right scent. Bath bombs come in many different scents to help you unwind, just be sure to know what’s in the bomb first. Which is why we only offer all-natural ingredient bath bombs.


Natural handmade soaps

The final product is one most do not think of as a relaxing product, soap. You do not always have the time to slip away from life and take a warm bath with a fizzing bath bomb. Or, you can’t find a way to light a candle and have it slowly burnt filling your home with the scent of a forest escape.

Instead, you have a few minutes to wash your hands and even in these crucial minutes you can find comfort.

Avoid harsh chemicals that can potentially damage your precious hands and choose an all-natural handmade soap. During these modern times, we should be washing our hands more often than we have in the past. Constant washing can cause damage including cracked, dry skin.

All-natural ingredient soaps that contain organic palm oil, coconut oil, and shea butter help prevent damage. Keeping your hands hydrated and moisturized is important, and these three ingredients will help you do just that.

You may have only a few minutes to escape, so choosing the right scent is important. While you lather, right before you rinse, enjoy a scent that can help take you away. Even if it is only for a moment. One suggestion is to find a soap with mint, it’s a scent that can help put that boost you need back into you.



And there you have it, three products you need to help relax and with getting back on track mentally. We offer all three products made with natural ingredients in various scents to help find the right one for you.

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