Let’s talk about unwanted body hair.........

Let’s talk about unwanted body hair and what you should be doing to get the closest shave possible - head to toe. We are going to cover some do’s and don’ts for parts of your body.

We all have hair in places we wish we didn’t, or the occasional bad hair day. From unruly eyebrows, overgrown ear hair, some feral creature stuck in a perpetual headlock poking its head out from underneath our armpits, a lion’s mane on our chest, a fur coat hanging down our back, to the jungle of no return located in our nether regions. Men are hairy. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. Modern technology has come forth and provided us solutions to our hairiest problems.

We will cover three of these solutions, starting at the top with the head.




Our bearded brothers need not read, because we know you won’t be letting go of all that hard work, however you owe it to your beard to keep it clean and healthy. Instead, we are focusing on the removal of facial hair. The best way to do that is with high-quality stainless steel. The sharper the blade, plus the design of the handle will make a difference in how well of a shave you get.

Here’s a quick rundown to getting a close shave:

  1. Wash your face - use warm to hot water to open your pores and soften your facial hair.
  2. Apply shaving soap - Soap creates a richer lather with better protection. Ditch your drugstore aerosol shaving cream because it does more harm to your skin.
  3. 1-2 inch strokes - Keep the strokes small, and rinse the blade off under hot water to keep the blade hot.
  4. Rinse off with cold water - Cold water will close your pores.
  5. Pat dry - Never rub your freshly shaven face.
  6. Apply after shave - Preferably a type of post shave balm, especially for sensitive skin.

Our 5 blade Swedish stainless steel razor blade handle is an excellent option for getting a smooth shave considering it has all you need in the perfect handle. Ergonomic, sharp, and includes a soothing strip so each stroke applies treatment to prevent razor bumps.

Let’s move onto other bothersome hairy parts of your body - nose and ear.

Nothing like a long nose hair sticking out like a sore thumb. Or, an ear hair glinting in the sunlight. You have three options. Consider a pair of tweezers and plucking each individual hair. But, let’s be realistic since we both know you winced at the idea of plucking a nose hair.

Another option is to wax these hairs. The skin on your ears is sensitive, and ripping hair will cause discomfort.

The third option is to shave these problem areas. Shaving will be your best option for removing these unwanted hairs. Our nose and ear trimmer is great for these hard to reach areas, and you can use it for your eyebrows as well.



Chest, back, and shoulder hair are no different than most of the hair on your body. You can wax, or shave these areas. Shaving with our waterproof electric razor will make quick work of these large areas.

Waxing will give you the best results since it pulls the hair out from the root. If you go this route, you have to factor in time and money. With an at-home option, such as our electric razor, you can save both time and money offsetting the better results you get with waxing.

Take a hot shower, get your hair soft and your pores open, then use the electric razor to remove all the problem areas. You may need a partner to help with those hard to reach back areas. Rinse with cold water if possible.

As a general rule of thumb for armpit hair, cut with scissors any hair that sticks out. To gauge how much to cut, you should raise one arm high in the air, then lower it down to your side. Any hair that sticks out, trim down with a pair of scissors. Repeat with the other arm.


Below the waist

Do not use a razor. Again, do not use a razor. We are talking about below the waist, and mixing a razor with this highly sensitive area spells out danger. The skin in your nether regions is sensitive and prone to razor burn and nicks.

Avoid using a razor, as tempting as it may be. Instead, use an electric razor that prevents nicks, such as the one we offer. You want to get a close shave, without resulting in dragging a razor blade down there. The guards on electric razors are your friends. Use them.

Or, have this area waxed. If you decide waxing is best, only do the front. Leave the hair in the back, if not you run the risk of causing serious chafing and more problems down the road. The reason being is the hair back there reduces friction, skin on skin, and when you remove this barrier you will experience skin irritation. If you must tame that mane, use a guard on your trimmer unless you trust your skills to go at it without one.

As far as legs are concerned, you either wax them or take a razor blade with some shaving soap. Keep in mind, this skin is more sensitive than it appears, so be sure to follow the same steps for your face when shaving your legs.

There you have it, solutions to your hairy problems. Remember, quality tools create quality work. Invest in the care of your skin, and you will get better noticeable results.

Happy Shaving,

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